Dresch Quartet - Riding the Wind

Szerző: Kenny Mathison, Jazzwise

The Dresch Quartet makes strong and evocative music which isn't exactly jazz, but certainly isn't folk, either. It belongs somewhere in the interstices between these genres, and draws strength and inspiration from both, with a few other flavourings thrown in. the instrumental line-up, comprising Mihaly Dresch's tenor and soprano saxophone, Kovacs Ference's violin, Szandai Matyas's acoustic bass and Bálo Jstvan's drums, also reflects that combination of genres, an impression strengthened even further by the presence of Balázs Unger's cimbalom, a type of dulcimer with a classic central European sonority, on "Great Plains". All five compositions featured on the disc were composed by the group's leader, saxophonist Mihaly Dresch, and each is investigated at some length and in probing fashion.

Kenny Mathison
Jazzwise April 2000, issue 31

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