Dresch Quartet - Riding The Wind November Music 2003-2

Szerző: Michael Tucker

The London-based November label has produced some of the most stimulating music of the new millennium and the Dresch quartet's Riding the Wind is a fine example of the freshness of approach that has so far marked the label's output. Equally characteristic is the excellent quality of the sturdy CD packaging and imaginative artwork. Tenor and soprano saxophonist Dresch Dudas Mihaly is joined by fellow Hungarians Kovacs Ferenc (violin), Szandai Matyas (bass) and Balo Jstvan (drums), with Balazs Unger adding cimbalom colour on the ritualistically unfolding, heart-on-sleeve epic "Great Plains". Dresch manages to get a folk-like quality of wood in his sound on both tenor and soprano: an essentially song-like player who can cook when he wants to, he has good control in the upper register of both horns. With Kovac Ferenc's violin lines especially impressive, Dresch's partners do all that is required of them to make this vibrant, strongly atmospheric meeting of (structured) free-ish energy and folk-inflected lyricism a must for anyone who responds to the music of Coltrane and Coleman, Cherry and Garbarek.
Michael Tucker
Amazon.co.uk May, 2001

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