Mihaly Dresch Quartet- Egyenes zene- Straight Music

Szerző: Duncan Heining, Jazzwise

Thought I was dissapointed by the Dresch Quartet' s 2003 London Jazz Festival performance, this album confirms everything, I had been led to expect. It' s something quite special- a ruch fusion of bebop, late 1960s free jazz, eastern Europen and gypsy folk music. The use of the brilliant Kovacs on violin is an inspired choice. At times recalling the trained Mark Feldman , there' s also something of the expansiveness of Jean Luc Ponty' s early playing here as well. The space he creates for Dresch on the second track, 'The Blessing' , is followed by the wonderful dancing rhythms of 'Trio' where his beatiful harmonies contrast well with Dresch' s lemon-y tenor sound. But perhabs best of all is the opening title track with Dresch on recorder. It sustains its 13 minutes shifting throught a series of movements and moods conveying a wonderful sense of this strange coutry and a crossroads between Europe and the Meddle East. And there' s just so much to discover in this record. Listen to the way Szandai and Balo move between more orthodox jazz rhythms and the folk styles of their home on 'Transylvanian Romanian Music' or the haunting tone poem, 'Dawn', and how Dresch' soprano and tenor blend with Kovacs' violin and the lute of Matyas Bolya. An album of unusual imagination and charm.

Duncan Heining
Jazzwise, March 2005.

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